Video Strategy

Every company has a story … a personality … a soul. And video is the best way to share that story.

Why do you need a strategy for video? Because forging ahead without a plan isn’t a smart investment. A defined plan with measurable goals and metrics can help you to evaluate what’s working and what needs to be adjusted going forward in order to meet your objectives.


We tell your story, with the distinct tone and style that your brand and messaging requires. All elements of the production process  are custom tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client and specific project.

Filming Day

On the day of filming, our professional crew will arrive early at the shoot location. We will test all filming equipment and lighting and perform a series of checks to ensure filming will begin on time. When filming takes place at your place of business, we will not be a disruption to your staff.


Our creative editors and graphic artists will transform your raw footage into a professional quality video. Using the latest video software for editing, 2D and 3D graphic animation, sound and special effects, we will provide you an initial “rough cut,” followed by re-edited drafts until the finished video meets or exceeds your expectations.

Distribution and Delivery

We don’t just provide you with a file to upload to your website; we guide you in where and how your videos should be distributed. Beyond YouTube, there are literally hundreds of places your videos can be shared online, many of them absolutely free.

Traffic and Analytics

There’s a lot of competition to get the attention of viewers online, so it’s important to take steps to increase visibility for your videos. One unique aspect of the work we do is to help drive video viewership – and the resulting brand exposure — by implementing search engine optimization techniques for your video.