Video Strategy

Every company has a story… a personality… a soul. And video is the best way to share that story.

Why do you need a strategy for video? Because forging ahead without a plan isn’t a smart investment. A defined plan with measurable goals and metrics can help you to evaluate what’s working and what needs to be adjusted going forward in order to meet your objectives. A video marketing strategy provides a framework within which each decision can be weighed to ensure it’s consistent with your long term objectives.

While video is now recognized as the best way to get visibility for your business or product, it should be viewed as an integral component of an organization’s overall marketing and branding strategy, rather than an isolated solution or “one-off” project. To ensure this integration, we’ll work with your marketing team to understand your main goals for creating video (such as to inform/educate, persuade/sell, or build brand awareness and credibility). Other important strategic questions we’ll discuss are identifying your target viewer, articulating your key messages, striking the appropriate tone or mood for the video, determining the proper length of the video and most importantly, specifying the actions you wish a viewer to take during or after watching the video.

Consider these five questions to develop your video strategy

•   What are the key drivers in creating this video?
•   Who is your ideal target viewer?
•   What information do you want viewers to remember?
•   How do you want the viewer to feel?
•   What do you want viewers to do?

Consider these examples of types of videos and what ultimate purposes they serve.