This is where the magic happens! With the details from the pre-production phases in hand, our creative editors and graphic artists will transform your raw footage into a professional quality completed video. Using the latest video software for editing, 2D and 3D graphic animation, sound and special effects, we will provide you an initial “rough cut,” followed by re-edited drafts until the finished video meets or exceeds your expectations.

The rough cut pieces together the various clips to ensure that length of the video is appropriate and that  the messaging is correct, complete, and on target.

Once the initial cut of your video is approved, we finalize other elements such as:

•  A music track
•  Transitions and fades
•  Switching of camera angles
•  A branded introduction and ending (intro and outtro)
•  Other digital assets to support the messaging
   ₒ Still photos
   ₒ Existing video clips such as news stories
   ₒ PowerPoint slides
   ₒ On-screen text
   ₒ Special effects

The final detailed editing phase includes precise color correction to ensure a perfect finished look. Once production and editing are complete, we will render and encode the finished video into the specific formats you need. The exceptional end result will portray your company’s products and services in a manner that will enhance your brand and will be consistent with your messaging, mission and goals.