Traffic and Analytics

Traffic and AnalyticsThere’s a lot of competition to get the attention of viewers online, so it’s important to take steps to increase the visibility of your videos. One unique aspect of the work we do is to help drive video viewership – and the resulting brand exposure – by implementing search engine optimization techniques for your video. These include:

  • Video site maps
  • Google and other search engine indexing
  • Metatags, titles and keyword analysis
  • Distribution through alternative video channels
  • Creation of a company YouTube channel or similar channel on another video hosting platform

We’re more than just expert video producers. As business leaders, we understand the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to maximize your return on investment. We help clients understand the key metrics for assessing the success of your videos, and provide an effective and easy to understand roadmap to increase viewership. We review key analytics such as:

  • Number of unique viewers
  • Drop off point if videos are not viewed in entirety
  • Click-through actions
  • Conversion rates
  • Sharing and social network metrics

Crafting the greatest video ever and simply uploading it to YouTube is the digital equivalent of constructing a beautiful billboard in the middle of the desert.

Capitalizing on your investment in video marketing requires both creation of an exceptional video, and application of business principles to assess and measure success. Contact us to learn more about how Vision2Video delivers an inspired, expertly executed and compelling return on your investment.