We tell your story. In your way, with the distinct tone and style that your brand and messaging requires. All elements of the production process are custom tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client and specific project.

In the pre-production phase, we review the production process and schedule to ensure the filming day is efficient and worry-free. We discuss potential filming locations to eliminate any issues (such as noise, lighting, or other distractions), share ideas around camera angles and composition (wide or close-up shots, color or black and white), and determine the most appropriate on-screen talent (whether it’s hired talent or your employees).

Based on the established strategy and goals for your videos, we develop a plan identifying the specific requirements for your video project, including:

  • Film crew – camera operator, sound engineer, writer
  • Post-production team – editor, voiceover professional or spokesperson
  • Time required for filming and editing
  • Additional equipment including teleprompter, 2nd camera, green screen, storage devices
  • Post-production add-ons such as music track, video intro/outro, motion graphics or animation needs